We offer 3 levels of facilitation training and the Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation, which is aligned with the IAF accreditation in facilitation.

More details about the individual programmes we offer are here:

Stage 1  - Sweden

Stage 1 - Sweden

Journey to Diploma

Journey to Diploma

We offer public and in-house programmes. The latter can be custom designed to your specific needs. Contact one of our Trainers to talk about the possibilities.

Our participants come from the worlds of business (corporate and entrepreneurial),  community, government, education and arts.  

You will be joining teachers, project managers, business leaders, CEOs, HR Directors, change makers, coaches, writers, artists and artisans; Facilitators who are all committed to a more human, productive and fun way of working with groups.

Hope to see you soon.

Stage 1  - UK

Stage 1 - UK