We believe that collective intelligence is a critical resource for the 21st century and our future.

As we are asked to do more with less in the business, government and not for profit worlds the way we work together in groups needs to change. We do not have the time, or energy to waste on unproductive work or ineffective human dynamics. We can do much better. We need groups to be creative and effective to solve the issues we face collectively on the planet.

At Zenergy we are passionate about training and supporting facilitators, leaders and changemakers to consciously create the conditions where collective intelligence* will show up and where we as humans thrive.

This is done through a combination of how the facilitator or leader behaves (their being- spirit and mind) and what processes and interventions they use (their doing) to move the group forward to achieve their purpose.

*Our definition of collective intelligence: Deep immersion in the collective whole person and context  - unity and synergy emerges, potential is amplified. Beauty and brilliance are realised.

Illustration: The Project Twins

Illustration: The Project Twins

Zenergy Facilitation Training

Zenergy Courses

To deepen your practice  and expand your facilitation toolkit, we offer three levels of training.



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Zenergy Stage 1: 

Discovering Collective Intelligence

Coming soon…

Zenergy Stage 2:  

Generating Collective Intelligence

07 - 11 October 2019

Sheffield, UK

Zenergy Master Class: 

Exploring Collective Intelligence

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Zenergy Diploma: 

Mastering Collective Intelligence

Available on request