The Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation is designed for people who wish to become professional group facilitators using a developmental and transformational approach. The diploma programme is designed by Dr Dale Hunter and led by the Zenergy trainers.

It is a modular programme designed to be undertaken on a part time basis over 2-4 years while engaged in other activities or work.  You can enrol in the diploma after completing the first module Zenergy Stage 1 or anytime afterwards.

You then plan your pathway through the modules and enter into an agreement with Zenergy which includes individual coaching by a designated Zenergy coach and become part of the Zenergy community.


A Zenergy trainer will be in touch to welcome you onboard and go through the programme with you. 


Pathway to the Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation: Mastering Collective Intelligence

The Diploma will be awarded on the completion of the following modules:

The Zenergy Diploma is aligned with the IAF accreditation in facilitation and the programme content are reviewed periodically.

Stage 1  - UK

Stage 1 - UK


On-going Personal Development

Working with groups can be challenging and to stay present and serve the purpose we need to be at work with our own emotional reactions. When we are triggered by a particular behaviour in the group or a sharing by one of the participants we need to know how to self facilitate and stay present and connected.

To help us do this we highly recommend that facilitators undergo personal development.

Examples of personal development programmes undertaken by Zenergy Alumni are Avatar and Landmark, Psycho Drama, advanced meditation practices.  Please reach out to a Zenergy Trainer if you would like to discuss your options. 


200 Hours of Facilitation Experience

You will  keep a journal recording your facilitation experience over the training period for 200 hours. This is approximately 20 full day workshops including design, delivery and debriefing or equivalent.


Expanding Collective Intelligence Project

The Project module of the Diploma is an opportunity to make a contribution to the world of facilitation. You choose an area you would like to explore and be experientially engaged with. Then through the project pass on the new knowledge, insights, and innovations you have gained on the way.

It can be undertaken at any time after you have completed Zenergy Stage 1. The purpose is to forward your facilitation in some way. Your project needs to be of practical benefit both to yourself and to other facilitators. It may focus on the individual, pair (coaching), team, group, organisation or community. The project may be something you are already planning for your own work. The project can be fun and you will have access to ongoing coaching from a Zenergy core team member.

Facilitation into the world

The Project Outline

The project is in 3 parts and is estimated to take you around 80 -100 hours. The project should be completed within 3-6 months of the starting date.

i) The proposal (thinking, clarifying, writing the plan) (15 hours)

ii) The implementation (35 hours)

iii) Journaling, learning’s, writing up the project (30 hours)

And review with your coach

10 hours of coaching is included for you with a member of the Zenergy Team.

The Proposal

The project begins with a proposal setting out:

  • The project

  • The purpose

  • How it forwards facilitation and your practice of it

  • The time frame

  • Key objectives

  • The action plan

This should all fit on one A4 sheet and be simple and succinct.  Submit the draft proposal in the first instance to info@zenergyunlimited.com .

Investment: There is a € 900 fee to be paid when the project proposal is accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why pursue a Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation?

The Diploma brings together a focused and deep exploration of facilitation and collective intelligence in the world. It is an opportunity to express your passion for facilitation, contribute to the community and demonstrate excellence in this field.

“I am really excited about working towards my diploma. I love the experience and growth I had with Stages 1 and 2, and I want to keep learning and growing. I want to keep coming back for more. I also like to complete things, so I am looking forward to receiving my Diploma.”
Paula Benetton - Strategist, Facilitator and Coach at The Zone - Zenergy Stage 1 and 2 Alumni

+ Is there any accreditation with this Diploma?

The Zenergy Diploma is aligned with the IAF accreditation in facilitation.

+ Who could benefit the most from having the Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation?

Anyone who has an interest in working professionally as a facilitator and/or contributing to the expansion of collective intelligence in the world, any leader or change maker who is passionate about unlocking the potential of groups and developing their facilitative leadership.

+ When can I register my interest in the Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation?

You can register your interest in the Diploma as soon as you have completed Stage 1.

+ What does the fee cover?

The fee of 900 Euros covers 10 hours one to one coaching with one of the Zenergy Trainers.

+ What will I get when I complete the course?

A signed Diploma in Facilitation from Zenergy Unlimited. Enhanced connection to the Zenergy community to continue to share, learn and grow. The course leaders are available to support you with facilitation challenges as and when they arise.

Journey to Diploma

Journey to Diploma