The Zenergy approach to facilitation was born in New Zealand in 1993. The need at the time was to answer the call of how to make meetings more effective and engaging. 

An inquiry into the role of the facilitator and group process has been ongoing since this time. Co-led by Dr Dale Hunter, it has resulted in a number of publications on the subject and contributions to the world of facilitation.

In 2011 the first training programmes in Europe were offered.

Today Zenergy runs programmes throughout the world and continues to inspire and train new and experienced facilitators and leaders from the business, political, community, social change and sustainability worlds. The commitment to its vision continues and today we believe this approach is needed more than ever.

Stage 1  - Sweden

Stage 1 - Sweden

Our Approach

The Zenergy approach to facilitation training  is based on 3 key areas:

Stage 2  - Mougins

Stage 2 - Mougins


Whole People

Whole People

Our experience is that true learning takes place in the whole body, when the two knowledges of head (what we understand) and belly (what we experience) flow together and are integrated in our heart (does it feel right to us).

As whole people, we can "speak from the heart" and have both the thought and experience to back it up. This is also referred to as integrating the masculine and feminine qualities. These qualities are not gender based. They reside in all of us.

Conscious leaders all over the world are awake to the need that to create a sustainable future for everyone on our planet we need to embrace and lead from the whole.


Experiential Learning and Coaching in the Moment

Experiential learning

What we do as facilitators is practical - our craft only comes alive when we are in action with groups. We can read books, listen to perspectives but the biggest impact comes from working with a group and actually doing it. Learning in real time or learning through the experience of it - this is called experiential learning.

Zenergy participants take turns to take on the role of the facilitator and work with the group. We learn through the experience - by being in the “hot” seat. Sitting alongside you is your trainer - you get to make interventions, try things out and get real time feedback from the group all within a safe environment that is here to support you to learn, grow, deepen your facilitation practice and get the results you want.

This is called “Coaching in the Moment”. It comes from Dale’s experience as a musician playing with an orchestra. The conductor would stop the rehearsal and suggest something different to a musician or section  and then the group would play it again. No drama,  just get on with it, and something beautiful and in line with the interpretation the conductor is looking for, is created.


Collective Intelligence

Illustration: The Project Twins

The work groups do is important. We need groups to be creative and effective to solve the issues we face collectively on the planet.

Recent estimates of the amount wasted on ineffective meetings in the US alone is over US$ 600 million. Add to this, the impact and ripple effects on us humans and it's a mess.

We can do much better. Collective intelligence is an untapped resource for the future. It is from this space that creative and innovative solutions are available to us all.

You may know this from the terms of synergy, group consciousness or a group “being in the zone”. The group is in flow, highly productive creative and energetic. The place where the group can be more intelligent than the sum total of the individual members, where you can feel something else is present.

“By consciously working with the group we can uncover, embrace, work with and generate Collective Intelligence. This is an important skill.“

- Dr Dale Hunter


Together we can make a significant impact on what the future of groups will look and feel like.

Do we get to ask a new question or will the next generation still be asking how to make groups more effective and engaging?

It's up to us.

Stage 1  - UK

Stage 1 - UK


Together we can create more collective intelligence in groups across the planet and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Hope to see you soon,

Zenergy Unlimited Team

Liam Forde

Liam Forde

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Corina Roobeck

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Paula Benetton

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Maria Mayor

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