Zenergy Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence is a 3.5 day training programme based on The Art of Facilitation by Dr Dale Hunter, where you will develop the skills and ability to facilitate groups to meet their purpose.

You will build your whole person foundation as a facilitator and be introduced to the experiential learning process of coaching in the moment. You will  leave with a new or enhanced tool kit and real time feedback on your skills as a facilitator, and a deepen appreciation of the power of collective intelligence. You will feel energised about the future and confident and clear about your next steps as a facilitator.


What you will learn

Stage 1  - UK

Stage 1 - UK

Create a group purpose and move the group forward to achieve it.

Create and apply a safe and empowering group culture.

Deepen your understanding of the role of facilitator and the stages of group development.

Understand how your presence and actions as a facilitator impacts the group.

Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours and work effectively with conflict.

Be able to recognise and work with different energy levels.

Recognise collective intelligence when it shows up in the group.

New tools, processes and techniques to increase team engagement, collaboration and creativity.

Increase the effectiveness of meetings and the power of decision making.

Course Content

This is a very practical course. We will cover tools and techniques such as:  

Creating a group purpose and culture

If a group is not purposeful, it will be purposeless. Most problems in groups appear if a purpose is not clearly stated. If an explicit culture is not created then an implicit one will be at work in the background. This may or may not be helpful to the group. By consciously creating a culture that is aligned with the values of the group and its context we can accelerate the group towards their purpose.

Getting present

To serve the group the facilitator needs to be fully present and know how to stay present  regardless of what is happening with the dynamics of the group.  

Whole person  listening, questioning and speaking

To move a group forward to its purpose the facilitator needs to be able tune into their whole person. This means being able to listen and speak from other areas not just the rational.

Working with conflict

This can be an uncomfortable area for facilitators. Working through conflict is an important stage of the development of a group. When the going gets tough, as facilitators we need show up even more!

Working in emergence

While having a plan is useful there will be times that to be in service  to the group you need to put it away and work with what is happening in current time. We call this working in emergence. Working with emergence means stepping into the unknown while staying present and serving the group purpose.

Feedback and reflection

We work with a reflective self and peer feedback tool after each session. This enables the  facilitator to harvest their learnings and insights. 

Stage 1  - UK

Stage 1 - UK

Stage   1  - Mougins

Stage 1 - Mougins

The Experience

During the week you will take on 2 roles:

As the facilitator, you will learn by doing. Within a safe and creative environment you get the opportunity to try different interventions and test out their impact on the group. You will gain valuable insights into your own approach through feedback and coaching in the moment.

As a participant, you will give the facilitator feedback on the impact of their interventions and pick up insights for your own practice through the group learning process.

Self Care and Nourishment

As facilitators we need to stop and claim space for our own learning, self care and nourishment. The locations we choose are peaceful, and a welcomed opportunity to recharge our whole person and be part of an aligned community.

Stage 1 - Mougins

Stage 1 - Mougins

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who could benefit most from this course?

Facilitators, change makers , leaders or team members. Anyone who wants to explore enhanced ways of working and collaborating. We welcome diverse experiences, industries and areas of life.

+ I am an experienced facilitator, would I be better starting with Zenergy Stage 2?

If you are wondering if Stage 1 might be too basic for you, it's still worth getting in contact with one of the course leaders and having a chat. Many of our Stage 1 participants have been experienced facilitators however the whole person approach, the coaching in the moment and discovering Collective Intelligence were new to them. It created a different and valuable experience for them to gain transformational insights and deepen their facilitation practice.

+ What does the course fee cover?

The course fee covers the tuition, pre alignment and post course calls with the Zenergy team to support you to integrate your learnings. It also covers lunch, refreshments and snacks during the day, and The Art of Facilitation by Dr Dale Hunter.

+ What other expenses will I have?

You will have additional expenses to cover accommodation, evening meals, transport and flights.

+ What are the payment methods?

We accept bank transfer and payment via paypal.

+ Are there any discounts?

We offer a 10% early bird discount for bookings made 4 months before the programme starts, and group bookings of over 3 people from one organisation. Please get in touch.

+ Do you offer a community scholarship?

We are keen to expand the accessibility of Zenergy to facilitators who work for community groups so with each course we will have a community seat. If you would like to join our waiting list please Get in Touch and let us know your interest. We operate a koha approach to cover the tuition cost (this does not include accommodation, flights, additional personal expenses). Koha comes from the Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand and where Zenergy was born) word for gift. Koha is a form of gifting what you can. Traditionally it was food. In our world today it may mean helping to promoting Zenergy on Social Media, or in some way contributing to the vision of Zenergy.

+ What is the total time commitment?

Stage 1 runs over 3.5 consecutive days and is residential. You also need to consider your travel time, plus a 30 minutes pre course call to align expectations. After the course we book a 30 minute call with one of the course leaders to debrief and integrate learnings from the course. Evenings are used for rest, connection, preparation for sessions the next day and reflection. We have one organised group dinner early in the week.

+ Are there any entry requirements?

No, you just need to join us with an open heart and mind, and willingness to learn and grow as a facilitator.

+ Is there any preparation needed?

Pre enrollment interview to get to know each other and align expectations. Read the book The Art of Facilitation by Dr. Dale Hunter, which is included in the course fee.

+ What will I get when I complete the course?

A signed certificate of course completion from Zenergy Unlimited. Access to the Zenergy community to continue to share, learn and grow. The course leaders are available to support you with facilitation challenges as and when they arise.

+ How many participants are there in a course?

The course group is made up of around 8-12 participants from different ages and diverse backgrounds.

+ Who will teach this course?

The delivery team for Zenergy Stage 1 is Corina Roobeck and Zenergy facilitators. The training is done in English.

+ Is there any accreditation with this course?

Zenergy Stage 1 includes the International Association of Facilitators Core Competencies for Facilitators that relate to facilitator education. These competencies are required to attain the IAF Certified© Professional Facilitator designation.

Journey to Diploma

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