Reflections on Zenergy Stage 2

Brilliant and broken 

Let your light shine

Both are our strengths 

Open the internal gold mine 


Whole person at the ready 

Breathe it all in

Where does it come from 

Keep it real nothing to spin 


Trust in yourself 

You could hold the key 

Unlock the gate 

A new cave for others to see 


Put your head in your pocket 

Your heart in your mouth 

Wind back on stupid 

We could all head south


Work with the unknown 

Nothing to prepare 

Try something new 

Only limited by what we dare 


Walk the steps 

Get into your groove 

Breathe and let go 

You have nothing to prove 


Power within 

An incredible force 

A source for the magic 

Keeps integrity on course 


Up your vibration 

As you hold the space 

Remember that rhythm

Has its own time and pace


Turn up the volume 

Challenge with care 

Stand in the purpose 

Trust the culture will take you there 


When we heal ourselves 

The ripples unfold 

Self group country planet 

A new story can be told 


There is something magical 

How we are in this place 

Playfull and connected 

Beyond Marrakesh....our space! 


Corina Roobeck, October 2017