Reflections on Zenergy Stage 1

Deep in reflection I sit 

Stirring around my own precious shit 

Vulnerable before you I lower my cape

The super hero inside needs to recuperate.


Presence be our guide as we navigate this road 

Facilitators in training an honourable code. 

The golden fish bowl allows us to learn 

Try new things and occasional squirm. 


Mosquitoes in our heads we do hear 

Breathe into the calm we face our fears 

Sabotage be the game we unconsciously play 

Turn up our presence especially today. 


I be with you, see deep inside 

You do the same, we have nowhere to hide 

Change up the levels to release the core 

Creativity through us does suddenly pore. 


Zenergy energy our magical power 

Why not build a purpose tree tower?

Culture fed roots deep in the ground grow 

Let's lighten up and see what will show. 


Whole person learning a triple crown gate 

You be the channel in an intuitive state 

Speak from the heart our god essence is heard 

CQ embraced... our purpose is served. 


Corina Roobeck, June 2017