For facilitators everywhere

Breathe in and let go

of all the things you think you need to know

To make this day a success

remember it’s already a mess

That’s why they called you in

to get them out of a spin

Death spiral sometimes

this is what we do to help humankind


We put ourselves out there exposed naked and bare

trust in the process is our mantra to wear

Standing in the purpose, the culture will form

let it be our guide as we weather the storm

Inside our heart may beat very fast

but outside we project a calm that will last

Our attention is out, our intention is clear

let’s see where this will take us… so relax my dear


What you do everyday takes courage commitment and trust

in yourself and others to stop all this rust

Where do you go to fill up your tank

for sometimes for sure you will draw a blank

Let others support you when you feel the heat

reach out and connect... it can be really neat


Thank you for all the work that you do

to keep making team rather more cool


Deeply connected it’s how we will rise

give to our groups and help them thrive

So let’s march on, whole persons at the call

I am forever... indebted to you all


Corina Roobeck, February 2017