Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who could benefit most from this course?

Facilitators, change makers , leaders, educators who want to explore more effective and human ways of working with their groups.

+ What does the course fee cover?

The course fee covers the tuition, pre alignment and post course call with the Zenergy team to support you to integrate your learnings. It also covers lunch, refreshments and snacks during the day, and The Essence of Facilitation by Dr Dale Hunter.

+ How much will I end up spending in total?

Depending on your location and flights we estimate an additional €600. This covers accommodation, evening meals, transport and flights.

+ What are the payment methods?

We accept bank transfer and payment via paypal.

+ What is the total time commitment?

Zenergy Stage 2 runs over 5 consecutive days and is residential. You also need to consider your travel time, plus a 30 minutes pre course call to align expectations. After the course we book a 30 minute call with one of the course leaders to debrief and integrate learnings from the course. Evenings are used for rest, connection, preparation for sessions the next day and reflection. We have one organised group dinner early in the week.

+ Are there any entry requirements?

The recommended flow is attending Zenergy Stage 1 first as it embeds the foundational skills of the whole person.

+ Is there any preparation needed?

A pre enrollment interview to align expectations and read the e- book The Essence of Facilitation by Dr. Dale Hunter, which is included in the course fee.

+ What will I get when I complete the course?

A signed certificate of course completion from Zenergy Unlimited. Enhanced connection to the Zenergy community to continue to share, learn and grow. The course leaders are available to support you with facilitation challenges as and when they arise.

+ How many participants are there in a course?

The course group is made up of around 8-12 participants from different ages and diverse backgrounds.

+ Who will teach this course?

The delivery team for Zenergy Stage 2 consists of Corina Roobeck and Zenergy facilitators. The training is done in English.

+ Is there any accreditation with this course?

Zenergy Stage 2 includes the International Association of Facilitators Core Competencies for Facilitators that relate to facilitator education. These competencies are required to attain the IAF Certified© Professional Facilitator designation.

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